Day old donuts and pizza

You are what you eat…

Confession time. I have a love affair with cake donuts and pepperoni pizza. This is the result of living near a Casey’s General Store and stopping there often. Or is it?

Yes, I stop at Casey’s every morning before work. Yes, I get two cake donuts and a Diet Coke every morning.

Often I buy a dozen “day olds” because first, it’s a steal monetarily. For the price of four fresh cake donuts I get twelve that are every bit as fresh. Second, twelve donuts are far better than two, duh. Third, and possibly as important, I get to share my donut love with my friends! 

On my way home I pass by the same Casey’s. While I’m driving by I swear the pepperoni pizza calls my name. The haunting voice of delicious, greasy, cheesy, slice of nirvana that I’m in love with. Excuse me while I wipe the droll off my chin. 

I find it nearly impossible to ignore that voice. 

This Casey’s habit started innocently enough.  When I became a pharma rep it was soda here, a donut there and of course a quick bite of pizza. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective), Casey’s had a location everywhere I went. 

As you can imagine it didn’t take long and I was hooked. Although it isn’t entirely Casey’s fault. Since I was little, I mean a long time ago, donuts and pizza have had a special place in my heart or stomach for those of you who are medically inclined. 

A glazed donut was a treat. We (my family) didn’t get them often, but when we did watch out! It never seemed like I could get enough. Occasionally I’d try a bear claw or maybe a donut on a stick. But they were just fluff. 

As an adult I have also found myself at the bottom of a bag of donettes. What a delight. Powdered or chocolate frosted, it simply didn’t matter. I still find it difficult to walk by a bag, not carry it to the counter and then home to be devoured with a huge glass of ice cold milk. 

When it comes to pizza my first memory is of B & B’s large pepperoni. Every time I ate it I ended up with grease dripping down my arm and off of my elbow. Oh, the good old days. 

While I was in college Domino’s introduced the Wedge. A pizza, folded in half and sealed to keep in the flavor. Since I’m a fold my slice in half guy the Wedge hit the spot! Added to that was the Domino’s 30 minute fast or free guarantee. Talk about a money saver.  

I could go on forever with sweet memories of sheer bliss. It’s true, I love day old donuts and pizza. And deep down inside they love me. At least that’s what I tell myself. Now excuse me, I need to go for a run to burn off some of the calories I just consumed while thinking about two of my favorite foods. 


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